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Your Safe Space with Aoibhinn 

Allow yourself to be yourself and transform with Aoibhinn

Immerse in safe

Sound, Energy and Movement Therapies 

Arvigo Abdominal massage

Cacao and Dance 

Soundbaths and Yoga

NEW: 5 Rhythms Dance Sundays twice every month

Group or 1-1 sessions available on request

Text Aoibhinn on 086 3387148 to register interest for any service

Immelda Young, Cork

"Aoibhinn is a very natural and wonderful healer. I am still feeling the ripples of Aobhinn's energy. I am very grateful for Aoibhinn's marvellous healing hands and sound meditation sessions. I love the yoga classes which are both instructive and relaxing. She's very articulated and has an amazing way to share her knowledge in a genltle and clear way"

Pamela, Youghal

"Aoibhinn is amazing at everything she does. I've done yoga, breathwork and sound baths with Aoibhinn and she is extremely talented at what she does. She posseses amazing powers that can help shift anyone's energy. I have received healings off Aoibhinn many times where she has pulled me out of dark times which I'm super grateful for. Not only talented but a really nice person, I would recommend Aoibhinn to anyone and everyone,

Karina,East Cork

"After my first sound bath experience with Aoibhinn I knew that her connection to the other side, the divine, the liminal space, whatever you may call it was undeniable. Aoibhinn has a true healing gift. I felt this first hand after undergoing Arvigo Therapy after a traumatic birth experience. I cannot recommend Aoibhinn enough. If you are thinking of investing in yourself, invest in time with Aoibhinn

What is Safe Space Youghal?

Created and Facilitated by Aoibhinn Hyland to help women empower and heal themselves.

Aoibhinn has devoted her life to this work and is dedicated to providing an exceptional and transformational experience for her clients. Working in regular classes or one to one in the Youghal area.

Aoibhinn Hyland is a respected healer, yoga teacher, and energy worker renowned for her transformative work in the field of feminine wisdom. For the past nine year to healing arts to anchor into her own inner medicine; honed her skills as a yoga instructor and facilitated sacred body workshops and dance classes.

With a focus on empowering women, Aoibhinn employs her empathetic and intuitive healing abilities to guide individuals in both one-on-one sessions and group settings. Her hands-on approach has earned her a reputation for creating meaningful and lasting impacts on her clients and students.

A significant aspect of Aoibhinn's career is her training and certification with the Arvigo institute a partnership that has allowed her to delve deeply into the realms of feminine healing and spirituality with an emphasis on connecting the heart to the womb.

Aoibhinn is not just a healer but also a channel for higher wisdom. She offers unique insights and perspectives that extend beyond conventional knowledge, aiding her clients and students in their self-discovery and healing processes.

Central to Aoibhinn's mission is her passion for empowering women. She firmly believes in the inherent strength of every woman and sees her role as a facilitator, helping them recognize their own power and resilience. Through her compassionate and intuitive guidance, she enables women to tap into their inner strength and wisdom.


In her personal life, Aoibhinn is a mother of an eleven year old, has lived in Youghal all her life, has a passion for singing, music and dance and adores love, laughter and music. She will be adding Kinesiology to her training schedule in the near future and loves holding regular dance sessions

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